Authors are requested to submit their abstracts that will be reproduced in an Abstract Volume to be distributed to the participants. All abstracts should be prepared according to the guidelines given below.

General guidance

The abstract should not exceed 1 page (500 words). The topic covered should be relevant to the sub-themes of the meeting. The name, address (telephone, fax and e-mail) of the communicating author must be clearly specified. The names of the co-authors should be written in capital letters to allow the distinction from the first names.

Guidelines of abstract

The abstracts should be laid out in accordance with the main formatting points listed below. A limited amount of re-formatting will be undertaken by the conference secretariat, but submissions that are grossly aberrant will be returned to authors for correction.

  • It must be submitted electronically in MSWORD.
  • The preferred font is TIME; title 14pt / affiliations 12pt / text 10pt, with single line spacing.
  • The text must be typed leaving a 3 cm on the right and 2.5 cm on the top, bottom, and left margins.
  • Headings may be used.
  • Figures and tables may be included and embedded in the text file.
  • Selected references may be included at the end of the extended abstract.
  • For any queries or problems please do not hesitate to contact the conference secretariat on its email address

Submission of the abstract

  • Step 1: Make sure your paper follows the guidelines above

  • Step 2: Login to your personal space to submit your paper in .doc or .docx format. If you do not have an account you can create one from the Signup page . You can delete your submissions at any time and reload them if you make any changes. Once the submission deadline is reached, you can no longer delete or modify your files.
    NB. 1 The name of the electronic file must include the name of the first author, e.g. lydia.doc.
  • NB. 2 As alternative, you can also send your contribution to
  • Step 3: A notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to you after the evaluation of your submission.


English, French and Arabic are the official languages for the conference.


Oral presentations should not exceed 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes discussion. The poster sessions will be scheduled within the program. More details will be given in the second circular.

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